"and in that moment, I swear we were infinite..."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today was a very plane jane day with nothing overly exciting happening to me. Other than a lovely dinner with my friend Corin at McAlister's (Grilled Chix Club is da bomb) my day was boring.

Speaking of boring, I would like to vent about how my dress code at work limits my individual style to no end. Other than spicing up the color of camisole underneath my gray/blue polo, khaki's and gray shoes, I have no outlet to show my style. So from here I resort to eccentric jewelry and accessories. With a mix of chunky bracelets and HUGE rings to wonderful earrings and necklaces, this is the only taste of "me" many people get throughout the day. But, I would like to tell you about the time where I got to wear really cute flats for 2 weeks because I had just got my second tattoo on my left foot.This tattoo, im not gonna lie, hurt quite a bit. To me it was completely worth it! With bunches of significance behind it, it only makes me want more and more tattoos. The hand writing in the tattoo is actually my Dad's handwriting and the bear is a stuffed animal that he gave me when he and my mom were going through their separation/divorce. He gave me two matching bears which I named, "I Miss You" and "I Want You To Come Home." Now, I know these arnt really names, but I was 5 or 6 and it was all that I wanted. On their little tags I drew little pictures to tell them apart from each other, and to this day each of them still have it on there. All in all I wanted to get something for my Dad and in return he let me go with him to get his first tattoo as well.The tattoo above is my very first tattoo. I love every piece of it and I am actually thinking of adding on to it. The daisy reminds me everyday of my mom, being that it is one of her favorite flowers, and how much she impacts my life. She was totally against me getting a tattoo, but I got it anyways and she still loves me. I chose the word "infinite" because it is one of the most impactful words ever. If any of you have ever read the book, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," you know what I am talking about. Now I am not saying that this is my favorite book, because it is not. But the quote at the top of my blog comes from the book when the main character describes one particular moment in life. To me the word infinite is just that, perfect. It makes me think that all moments that are truly memorable in life make you feel infinite, good or bad. I had this idea for a tattoo since I was 18, and it took me 3 years and a college degree to be able to get it (Mom wouldn't let me get it until I graduated).

I know that everyone says once you get a tattoo you become addicted, and I am no stranger to that saying. I am currently working on a wrist tattoo and playing with the idea of a cap sleeve. Throw in some bro tats and I will be covered soon.

Show me some of your tattoo's or let me know your thoughts and opinions on body art! I would also love to know your meanings and significance behind them.

Back to my main point. For those 2 weeks that I got to wear flats to work, all my patients got a small glimpse into who I am and my slight sense of style.


p.s.- I think it is ironic that my first 2 tattoos were on my feet, because honestly I hate feet!


Justin said...

What are you doing for your wrist tatoo? Also, I can't get over the words this thing makes me type for verification so I can post. The current word is "belph", just funny.

jenn said...

haha they are funny words!

On my wrist I am getting 11:11

Justin said...

Oh I get it, "like make a wish"! I like that, very creative.