"and in that moment, I swear we were infinite..."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

tell me im wrong...

The Morning Of's new song 'Tell Me I'm Wrong' is my new current obsession! I cant freaking wait until their new CD comes out on May 5th! Seriously, this band is filled with some of the most genuine and wonderful people ever!

This picture was taken back in 08' of all of us hanging after one of their shows in Raleigh. I wish everything in the world to be up in NJ this weekend seeing them play along with one of my favorite bands Something Corporate at Bamboozle. In 2008 I also saw these guys at Bamboozle and it was one of the coolest festivals ever! Anyhoos, just thought I would pass along some amazing music! Check out their video for 'Tell Me I am Wrong'


"Don't break hearts and try to shake hands, because we're living in a time of living's last chance. Let your spirit soar..."
- Let Your Spirit Soar by The Morning Of-

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

pretty in pink

This movie is my inspiration for almost everything. My love for Molly Ringwald, love for the 80's, patterns, DIY, boys with the name Blaine! GAH! With this being said, I just bought this amazing dress:
Modcloth.com is a great vintage site with ADORABLE clothing and accessories! I hope I can pull off this pink look as well as Andy did in her pink prom dress.

Everyone go watch this movie!

"I touched you once, I touched you twice, I won’t let go at any price. I need you now like I needed you then. You always said we'd still be friends someday..."
-If You Leave by OMD

Sunday, April 18, 2010

moving to Alaska...

Well that's what I want after watching the season premiere of Deadliest Catch. I am not saying that all of the men are good looking, but a lot of them are what I am attracted to! Big, burly men with GORGEOUS beards, YES PLEASE!

With this being said, I am going to give you a list of my top 5 bearded boys as of right now! I know this changes on a daily basis, due to adding or taking away from the facial hair, but all of these men exemplify brilliant beards!

#5- Zack Larson
He is the newest greenhorn on the crab boat the Kodiak! Now his beard is not full like some of the other on my list, but his adorable face and buff figure put him in the top 5 and is just another reason for wanting to move to Alaska!

#4- Max Bemis
The Lead singer of Say Anything, Max is my ideal man! From the scruffy face, to the amazing voice, and body to boot. I would marry this kid in a heart beat. Too bad he is already taken, now all I can do is lust after him! P.s.- This pic of him, courtesy of Ryan Russell, is HOT! The grunge look is totally doable!

#3- Scott and Seth Avett
These brothers are 2/3 of the band The Avett Brothers! Their music is inspiring and all around amazing. With beards like these, who could not include them in the top 5! If you like bluegrass, folky rock music, this band is a must listen!

#2- MJBJ
I am not releasing my friends full name, because I didnt ask him before writing this blog if I could! I hope this is ok! MJBJ has been a friend for a few years now and is engaged to one of my best! Through the years he has never failed to have one of the best beards EVER! The picture above shows just how adventurous he is with his facial hair, and how well he can pull it off! I tell him all the time how much i love his beard and my friend Ke is one lucky gal! This is why he is numero dos on my list!

#1- Andy Hull
The lead singer of Manchester Orchestra is the epitome of burly, bearded hotness. I have been a huge fan for many years now, and even though my experience with meeting him was one I am not fond of, he was kind of a dick, it does not take away from the sheer look he gives off! His music is brilliant as well! I would suggest giving it a listen!

So this is my top 5 list. If you feel I left anyone out or think I should look into someone, please email me or leave a comment! I love finding new beards to fall in love with!


"Cause like dying young, idols got the best of me, well don't stop calling, you're the reason I love losing sleep. And the building collapse, we'll shop one for something..."
- 'I Can Barely Breathe' by Manchester Orchestra

Monday, April 12, 2010


I love crafting projects! Somehow, I never fully finish anything I start, but I love buying materials and having a vision of something I want to create and then going through the motions of doing it, I just never fully finish. Lately I have gotten back into making friendship bracelets. Now these are not that hard to finish, but I always start more intricate ones than I have string for. For example,I can do the above bracelets just fine, but when it comes to the middle one, I always run out of enough string to finish and it become a key chain! WTF haha. I know this is a bunch of randomness right now but I got this really sweet bracelet from my ex boo this weekend which I will show you all!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the orange black and white in this bracelet! There are three different patterns with alternating colors that make it beautiful and the best part about it is that it was made by Filipino women in support of a local charity over there. It is deff. an inspiration and I would love to do something like this!

SO, with that being said, if you would like me to make you a friendship bracelet, tell me the colors and make a donation! All the money I collect with be donated to the To Write Love on Her Arms movement, to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self injury and suicide! Just shoot me a message and I will get up with you on payment and shipping plans!

To find out more information about this awesome group check out there website: TWLOHA

Also, if you all have any crafting ideas you would like to shoot my way, I would love to hear from you! Email me at : jmontrose1@gmail.com


P.S.- As I promised, here is another little ditty from my old livejournal! Read and let me know what you think!"Don't forget about the blue skies, sunrise, and all the space between. It's amazing how a girl like you could affect a guy like me. And all the pictures and memories of all the times we had, do you think that some things are better left unsaid. Is it in me, to put the bottle down..."
-Space Between by Valencia

Sunday, April 11, 2010



I am sorry I have been MIA for over a week! To be honest, it has been busy and I did not have computer access from Thursday morning until now! At least not one long enough to write a post.

However, I will now proceed to tell you about my hilarious and much needed weekend escape to NC! Mostly my day Saturday and a little something called Beer Olympics.

Friday night I was in NC for my college's annual Spring Show, this year with Third Eye Blind. Besides that band and their crew being complete douche bags and ass holes, the show was really good and i got to hear Semi-Charm Life live! EPIC! Well that night I got a call from my ex boo saying he was sick and all he wanted was to see me. We are still on good terms and are still friends so of course I went over there to take care of him. With a combo or not eating and drinking and smoking, his body decided to rebel and hate him. I ended up staying over, nothing naughty dont go there, and had planned to leave the following afternoon. I woke up the next morning to his roommate and friend, Dan and Tom, making all sorts of noise around the house.

Me- "What are you guys doing?"

Them- "Setting up for Beer Olympics."

Me- "What's that?"

Them- "Stay, hang out and find out."

So seeing that it was a gorgeous day and I really had no need to be home until Sunday, I got in my car, went and got a bottle of wine and prepared for what was to come!

Ten different teams started to show up at 3:00 to start the shenanigans at 3:30 this was the line-up of events slated to take place:
- Boat Race (Two teams compete in a chugging contest, first to finish all beer wins)
- Frisbee toss (Try to knock a bottle of a wooden pole)
- Beer Pong (Teams compete 2 vs. 2)
- Slosh ball ( A version of softball where you have to hold your beer with one hand and bat with the other, run bases and throw all without spilling)
- Corners
- 3 leg 40 race (Three leg race, 3 laps around the house and a 40 oz. must be finished before the end)
- Obstacle course
- Corn hole
- Tug o War ( Kiddie Pool of death in the middle)

I am sure there were other games but by the end I think 2 or 3 were dismissed and everyone was sufficiently feeling good! The whole games I was a spectator and am so glad I was. Drinking not involving games, I was good to go, so participating, I am sure I wouldn't even remember enough to write this post. Surprisingly, all teams involved were very well controlled and all came decked out in team uniforms and chants for the events! Everything ran pretty smoothly and good times were had all around! We ended around 7:30 and I was done for the night. I ordered some Chili's food and went to bed early in order to wake up and drive back to VA in the morning.
(Phillies team!)
I am so glad I got to see friends and just have a day or carefree fun! The boys really know how to throw down and I hope one day I can get something like this going here in Richmond. Any other suggestions for games to play? Ohh! I almost forgot, there were some awesome prizes too! A Cow pinata was the grand prize, beer mugs and coconut cups were all part of prizes! I stole a coconut cup! Hehe dont tell the boss man!

Got back to VA today and spent it with family and friends. All in all a great weekend and 2 more to come with adventures involving Justin! Expect a blog post tomorrow with another old post from my livejournal and again I am sorry for the hiatus! I am back!


"Bring you back to the bar get you out of the cold. A sober, straight face gets you out of your clothes. And they're scared that we know all the crimes they'll commit. Who they'll kiss before they get home..."
- Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis by Brand New (EVERYONE MUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

kids in love...

I love watching music videos! I think it can either make or break a song the way it is portrayed and interpreted through the artists eyes. Lately I have been watching a lot of them on the tube and one in particular has really stood out to me amongst the rest.

Mayday Parade is a band who first came through my earphones 2 years ago while on a drive up to NJ for the Bamboozle festival. I was immediately in love with their sound and since then have seen them live twice! Now I know a lot of you are going to think that they sound very similar to all other pop punk bands, but once you see this video, they have a point of view they were not afraid to share, and really gives a whole other outlook on who they are as a band. Yes I know a bunch of the scenes could be seen as cliche for every "scene band" out there nowadays, but I think they portray young love in a way they are not afraid to share, and what a lot of it is like these days. I am warning that the content is explicit, but I do feel that they are not condoning any of the actions in the video, just merely expressing their outlet of music! You have to have an account to log in on to see the video, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Mayday Parade- Kids in Love...

"And you're still out of me reach, and you're still all of the things that I want in my life, how could I ask you to leave me?"

Friday, April 2, 2010

blast from the past...

WOAH NELLY! This one is going to be a whopper!

The other night I was trying to think of this poem that I had found on the Internet some time ago, and was rummaging through my old documents trying to find it. After realizing I had never saved it, I was trying to think of all the places I could get it. I tried Google, and then I tried going through old papers, but to my dismay, no luck. Then I had a stroke of brilliance and remembered that when I first started blogging, I had set up a livejournal account back in 05'! I went through old post after old post until I found what I was looking for.

To be honest, by the time I had gotten to the poem I was looking for, I was reading all of my old journal entries from years past. I have to give myself credit, because I did a semi-decent job at posting. But, I never realized how emo of a kid I was! Haha, so with that being said. I have decided to start a new little project. Like in my old entries I am now going to end each post with a song lyric. ALSO, each week, I will be posting a new picture of an old LJ blog post. From here each and every one of you can get to know me a little more, and figure out who I was post high school graduation! I think this will be a fun little endeavor so expect a new old entry every Monday!

For the first one however, I am going to post it tonight since I had this brilliant idea. I would love comments, criticism and even your own reflections on the past times in your lives! :D
Go ahead and click on the picture to enlarge it and read for yourself! With all of this being said, I will leave you with my first lyric...

"This is because I can spell konfusion with a 'k' and I can like it. Its to dieing in another's arms and why I had to try it. It's to Jimmy Eat World and those nights in my car. When the first star you see may not be a star, I'm not your star. Isn't that what you said, what you thought the song meant..." -Konstantine by Something Corporate (Hands down favorite song ever)