"and in that moment, I swear we were infinite..."

i am...

A 22 year old college graduate who has no idea what she wants to do in life. However, I do know what I like and don't like. Some of my favorite things include: red heads, bearded boys, deep v-necks, BIG sunglasses, Molly Ringwald, anything 80's, tattoo's, coffee, scarves, fashion, duke basketball, boots, music, shows, northern accents (especially Boston, NY, and Wisconsin/Midwest) and anything else you want to know about my likes. I do not like: geese, the wizard of oz, clowns, mushrooms, southern accents, feet (other than mine ;).

I hope to one day own my own business. For right now I need to find my niche in which I can make my career out of! I enjoy event planning and make-up artistry. If you have any suggestions for me, feel free to email me!

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Thank you for reading my blog!