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Sunday, April 11, 2010



I am sorry I have been MIA for over a week! To be honest, it has been busy and I did not have computer access from Thursday morning until now! At least not one long enough to write a post.

However, I will now proceed to tell you about my hilarious and much needed weekend escape to NC! Mostly my day Saturday and a little something called Beer Olympics.

Friday night I was in NC for my college's annual Spring Show, this year with Third Eye Blind. Besides that band and their crew being complete douche bags and ass holes, the show was really good and i got to hear Semi-Charm Life live! EPIC! Well that night I got a call from my ex boo saying he was sick and all he wanted was to see me. We are still on good terms and are still friends so of course I went over there to take care of him. With a combo or not eating and drinking and smoking, his body decided to rebel and hate him. I ended up staying over, nothing naughty dont go there, and had planned to leave the following afternoon. I woke up the next morning to his roommate and friend, Dan and Tom, making all sorts of noise around the house.

Me- "What are you guys doing?"

Them- "Setting up for Beer Olympics."

Me- "What's that?"

Them- "Stay, hang out and find out."

So seeing that it was a gorgeous day and I really had no need to be home until Sunday, I got in my car, went and got a bottle of wine and prepared for what was to come!

Ten different teams started to show up at 3:00 to start the shenanigans at 3:30 this was the line-up of events slated to take place:
- Boat Race (Two teams compete in a chugging contest, first to finish all beer wins)
- Frisbee toss (Try to knock a bottle of a wooden pole)
- Beer Pong (Teams compete 2 vs. 2)
- Slosh ball ( A version of softball where you have to hold your beer with one hand and bat with the other, run bases and throw all without spilling)
- Corners
- 3 leg 40 race (Three leg race, 3 laps around the house and a 40 oz. must be finished before the end)
- Obstacle course
- Corn hole
- Tug o War ( Kiddie Pool of death in the middle)

I am sure there were other games but by the end I think 2 or 3 were dismissed and everyone was sufficiently feeling good! The whole games I was a spectator and am so glad I was. Drinking not involving games, I was good to go, so participating, I am sure I wouldn't even remember enough to write this post. Surprisingly, all teams involved were very well controlled and all came decked out in team uniforms and chants for the events! Everything ran pretty smoothly and good times were had all around! We ended around 7:30 and I was done for the night. I ordered some Chili's food and went to bed early in order to wake up and drive back to VA in the morning.
(Phillies team!)
I am so glad I got to see friends and just have a day or carefree fun! The boys really know how to throw down and I hope one day I can get something like this going here in Richmond. Any other suggestions for games to play? Ohh! I almost forgot, there were some awesome prizes too! A Cow pinata was the grand prize, beer mugs and coconut cups were all part of prizes! I stole a coconut cup! Hehe dont tell the boss man!

Got back to VA today and spent it with family and friends. All in all a great weekend and 2 more to come with adventures involving Justin! Expect a blog post tomorrow with another old post from my livejournal and again I am sorry for the hiatus! I am back!


"Bring you back to the bar get you out of the cold. A sober, straight face gets you out of your clothes. And they're scared that we know all the crimes they'll commit. Who they'll kiss before they get home..."
- Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis by Brand New (EVERYONE MUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG!)

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Justin said...

Can't wait for our weekends of debauchery! Also glad to see your back, been long enough! haha