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Sunday, March 28, 2010

birthdays are not a DRAG...

Sunday brunch at Godfrey's is one of the most unique and amazing experiences ever! If you are ever in Richmond call ahead of time to get reservations and bring your single dolla dolla bills ya'll!

So, this coming Wednesday is my friend Justin's birthday. He told me he is not big on celebrating, so I thought it would be fun to take him out to something different the weekend before his big day. So early last week I sent him a text and said, dont make plans for Sunday brunch. Now, looking back I probably should have given him a heads up on what we were doing, seeing as he walked out of his house in a baseball cap and t-shirt, when I knew he'd probably want to look a little nicer. When I told him we were going to Godfrey's he quickly went back inside to fix up!

Now, if you don't know what Godfrey's Sunday brunch is, let me explain. Godfrey's is one of the popular gay bars in Richmond. On Sunday mornings they have brunch with Drag Queens! There are 5 different Queens who come out and entertain you with song, dance and costume's all while you are enjoying delicious french toast and Mimosa's.

Justin and I pulled up around 10:15 for an 11am brunch. From the outside there are no signs, just an older guy in a dress and make up checking people in. Not gonna lie we waited in the car an extra 20 mins before getting out because we honestly did not know what to expect. We check in and go into the dance side of the bar where it is pitch black with disco balls and laser lights to keep everyone entertained. We stand around and chat until one of the workers walks by asking if anyone needs singles. Justin and I look at each other wondering what we might need singles for. I get out a $20 and ask him for change and sure enough I get 20 one dollar bills back. Now in my head I am thinking,"Oh god, they are going to strip..." we want to ask people around us what all the singles were for, but decided to wait and find out for ourselves. Along with just receiving a bunch of ones, I start to notice that Justin is the only guy there, and I am freaking out thinking that I just brought him into something horribly not for him. We go back outside and to my relief there are a few other men waiting around to get into Sunday Brunch too. (Future note: this is deff more of a girls outing than anything unless you have a party larger than 2!)

The main host Kenny comes out and gives us a schpeal about what to expect, and then we are led in group by group to tables set up all along side the bar. Justin and I get put in the back corner at a little two top, which ended up being a great seat to see the whole place. Our waiter comes up to take our order and immediately notice his sleeve tattoos and gauged ears and start to swoon, until Justin informs me that he too is in fact gay. Sadly I go on and continue to enjoy being there. We order our food and the first drag queen comes out to perform!
Now I cant remember if the picture above is the actual first queen of the morning, because a few of them start to run together, but let me tell you they were ALL amazing! Also, if you can tell in the picture she is collecting things from the audience as she performs. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is where the dolla dolla bills come into play! Each drag queen gets tips for performing and sometimes dances up on you for money! This one guy, lets call him John, was there with 14 of his girl friends, and boy did he rack up on queen attention for the morning! Justin was lucky he got the corner seat or I would have forced dollar bills into his hand to get attention! The morning went on and the performances got better and better.
The one pictured above, is the best female Reba drag queen ever! She actually has toured with Reba and Brooks and Dunn! She also did a Cher number that was spot on too!
So the final number was this lovely lady singing Cascada's "Evacuate the Dance floor," I dont know if thats the song name, but you know what I mean. All in all this experience was one of a kind and I am so glad I went to this brunch event. I know Justin said he enjoyed it and I had a great time with him, but I am not 100% convinced he'd do it again. I hope you all enjoy the pictures, and go stop by his page and say hi!

p.s.- My favorite Queens name was Taylor Made, like the guy on I love New York! Brilliant! I would highly recommend this to anyone in Richmond!


Justin said...

Jenn, thanks for the unforgettable birthday ha-ha! I had a blast with you.

Buddy said...

the fact that the Reba queen actually could pull of as the real reba is slightly scary.

Sounds like you guys had a great time!

jenn said...

@justin: im glad you did! :D I had sooo much fun!

@Buddy:She was sooo spot on with her mannerisms, even down to the mouth movements! CRAZY!!! Thanks for reading :)

Justin said...

Can you email me that picture of us!? Thanks