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Monday, March 15, 2010

walking in walmart...

Working at a physical therapy clinic, gives you the opportunity for you to meet some of the most interesting people on the face of the earth. I happen to work in a clinic, where more often than not, I get more country folk than normal. I am not saying anything is wrong with that, I am just saying that they tend to be, well lets just say different.

Example one: Had a patient who thought that her house was the only one on her street that got 24 inches of snow during our blizzard days because she lived in a culdesac and that the winds just blew all the snow up against her house. Really? This was also a lady who claims to have sneezed 47 times in a row! YEAH, guiness world record right there y'all!

Example two: I have 4 patients who call me Jenna. Let me just say that I wear a name tag every day that has my name in big black letters that state it is Jenn. Where does the extra "a" come from? Can they not read?

Example three: This is the best of all. A patient walked in the other day with back issues. After the evaluation I found out that her back only hurts her when she walks in Walmart. That is correct, you heard me right, Wally World. When asked if walking in Kroger for grocery shopping hurts her, the answer she gave was, "No, it must be sumthin' bout them floors in Walmart that make my back hurt."

Enough said!


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