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Thursday, March 25, 2010


So I was having a conversation earlier with a friend about baby names. He made a comment to me that I wouldn't care what he thought about names because I am a woman and already have my kids names picked out. It made me chuckle because he was kind of right, I do have names in mind for a boy and a girl when I eventually have kids. That doesn't mean that I don't want the guys in put on the names, but I would prefer to have mine.

From there I started to think about my name and what I would have been named if I were a boy. Unfortunately I do not know this answer because apparently my mom didn't pick the boy name but my dad did. Crazy confusing but I am proud that she let him have some say in the process. I think the craziest story about baby names is from a patient at work making a pact with his wife that she could name the kids whatever she wanted, as long as the kids did not grow up as Yankee fans! INSANE!

I dont know what made me start this topic but I thought it would be interesting to find out what names people would choose for a boy and a girl. I am deff. on a kick where I like unique names that not many people hear or choose from.

My picks:
-Boy: Finley Vaughn (As of right now, that is my current obsession, this changes every few years and I have way more boys names I am in love with than girls)
- Girl: Dakota Riley (I'm not completely crazy about this and according to my guy friend our kid will be named Emma Riley, which I am also a fan of)

Let me know your baby names!


p.s.- hope you enjoy one of my baby pics!


ArielRose said...

Im not sure what id pick for a boy but i deff want to name my girl Chanel! I just think its so classy ad pretty.

My said...

For now, I think. . .

Boy: Ty Jackson
Girl: Marina Kaylee

Justin said...

Jenn, have we talked about this? Finley is one of my favorite boy names! Thats really weird... haha.

jenn said...

Ariel- Chanel is deff classy! I approve of that girls name :)

My- I am so like you in that my names are "for now"

Justin- We have never talked about this!!! This is crazy!