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Sunday, March 21, 2010

weekend madness...

NCAA basketball is not the only thing that has been crazy this weekend. My life, for one, is one thing! Haha... So my friend Justin, go check out his blog, pretty much summed up my Friday night. Lets just say that a combo of wine, beer, chatroulette and 4am bed times, do not equal a very pleasant Jenn the following morning.So, through all the dirty people on chatroulette, I found this really cute boy from Charlotte who I only got to talk to for a hot sec because my computer froze, meaning that I never got to realize what our love could have been, lol jk. But we met some other freaking awesome people and I believe Justin and I have a Michigan date in June to visit some of these awesome people!

Continuing with my day Saturday, I spent the morning laying on my couch relaxing and then eating the breakfast of champions, Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Bananas in it. (Side not: whenever I spell B-A-N-A-N-A-S, i always sing the Gwen Stefani song, just to make sure I am right) Proceeded to watch more basketball, then went over to my friend Jay's place, where we went shopping for jeans. Then met up with his wife, and my BFF, De and Katie for swirl margs and mexican food at Little Mexico downtown. Now I did not get a marg. for myself, still weary from the night before, and I had an issue with the dinner menu, so I was not too pleased with this restaurant. I'm sorry, but if I do not want 2 Chimichanga's in my dinner, let me just order one. They wouldnt let me because it was technically the lunch menu and they wouldnt serve it at 7 at night. LAME! So I had to pay an extra $3 for a Chimichanga I did not eat! Luckily Katies roommate was home and ate the leftover!

We then proceeded to the Byrd Theater and saw Sherlock Holmes for $2! It is in this old vintage theater that they have kept historical and now show movies for uber cheep in! They have this cute man play the organ before the show and he is baller!

Today has been my day to relax and do nothing. I went out and bought my little bro a LEGO set for his birthday tomorrow. Then treated myself to a Rita's Italian Icee and then tried to talk the Verizon guys into letting me know when the iPhone would be compatible with their company. Sadly, I failed at the last thing and will have to soon decide if I want to switch to AT&T or stick it out with Verizon! Any thoughts of suggestions?

I am not looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow, especially with the awesome weekend I just had, but I need to make the monies$$$


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Justin said...

Oh Jenn, it was so sad to see that boy have to go. He was really into you too! haha Freakin' frozen screen!