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Sunday, June 6, 2010

it hurts so good...

I sincerely apologize for the lack of posting as of late. I promise that I come to this blog at least once a day with all intentions of writing a witty and note worthy post, but blank as soon as I hit 'New Post.' So after my friend Justin informed me of my absence, I figured I would throw something down onto the computer screen and hope it comes out ok.

This past weekend my friend Hannah was in town staying with me which made for some fun times. She got in Wednesday night and the weekend kicked off on hump day. We went out to see Sex in the City 2 with a bunch of gals from my work. (Side Note: When I go out to girls night, I don't like to wear my uniform from work because I feel very frumpy in a blue polo and khakis. So this particular day I ran home at lunch time to grab a change of clothes when all of a sudden someone is at my door ringing the bell. "Really?" I thought to myself. I only have 5 minutes before I have to get back to work and someone is wasting my time. Come to find out I needed to save my neighbor by helping get her car out of her garage because it was stuck on the automatic door when she backed out. Needless to say I was flustered and late getting back to work and did not have the best of ensembles for the oh so stylish evening... womp womp)

Thursday night my friends band, Jonas Sees In Color, was in town playing at Canal Club so we met up with MB and Mikey for dinner at Bottoms Up Pizza before hand. I have to state this: Their pizza is freaking delicious! Their drinks are wonderful too! I suggest the Topicolada! YUMMY! After dinner we went to the club and sadly there were only a handful of people there for the show. Either way, Hannah and I rocked out and it was good to see friends finally home from being on tour for so long.

My weekend festivities continued Friday night with a trip downtown with Hannah and Justin to Richmond's "First Friday's." This is an event that takes place on Broad Street, where local art galleries open their doors with new exhibitions for the month and street vendors and musicians all come out to have one GIANT block party. It was a blast walking around looking at artwork. I must say that in one of the galleries, I found an artist who seemed to be ripping off my beloved Robert Parke Harrison and his work. I tried to find him but he apparently was not at the exhibits opening so I plan on sending an email with inquiring questions about his work. We concluded the evening with drinks and food at Uno's because they have Happy Hour all day every day! Yeah, you heard me! Cheap drinks make for a very happy Jenn.

I woke up Saturday and went out to get pedicures with Hannah before my little brother's baseball game. I have to say that this was one of the best decisions of the weekend. I know that is a sad revelation, but I needed one real bad, and if anyone knows me, I hate feet in general so mine always have to be well kept and somewhat pretty. Anyhoos, bro's game was great minus the fact that it was a bajillion degrees and I got burnt sitting in the shade with SPF 50 on! Yeah, this is the girl who burns no matter what. So right now I have a lovely red triangle on my chest. Classy, let me tell ya. The afternoon carried on with shopping on Cary Street and a night out for my friend Deanna's Birthday! I hope everyone had a good time because I know all in all I did.

Bone picking time starts NOW:
I love being able to go out with all of my friends in a night, and not have only a select few be able to join. It is so much better when everyone is together so this night in particular was awesome in that respect. However, the night was not awesome when my tab at the bar came to $20.50 for 2 drinks! WTF! I had a John Daley in a little glass. How on earth does that come to $10.25 a drink? I know Firefly Vodka is a little pricier, but really? I would not go back to The Fan House on this principle alone. Someone please explain this to me.

Today was relaxation day... or so I thought. Up until 9:30 tonight my day consisted of spending time with Dad and Christian and shopping. At 9:30 tonight I decided to start my P90X workout videos. That's right, for an hour all I worked on were my shoulders, arms and upper back muscles, which mind you are weak as shit to begin with. The only way I am typing this blog right now is that my hand were not effected in this process. I literally can not move from the neck to mid back. I failed half of it because along with day one shoulder exercises, I should have done the Ab Ripper X video as well. I got half way in and decided against it.

All in all it has been a very busy weekend but wonderful at the same time! This week I am going to work on getting together with Justin to start a video blog where we talk about random things and answer any questions anyone has for us. I think it will be a very fun experiment to start and keep up with! So, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or email me at jmontrose1@gmail.com, or check out Justins Blog!


"Weekend warriors, and our best friends. The writers weren't kidding about how all good things must end. Then again some things, then again some things are far too good, some things are far too good to go ahead and let go..."
-"Down and Out" by The Academy Is

p.s.- I am going to set a goal of including more pictures of me and my adventures in the blog.

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Hannah said...

Love you! Can't believe you did the P90X Thing or whatever it is. You're crazy. And seconding that picture thing. I just uploaded Memorial day photos and we took NONE. Womp, womp. Mmkay. We need to get on planning our next adventure. Cannot WAIT for the video blog. :)

<3 Hannah