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Sunday, May 23, 2010

long live elon...

I can not believe that a year ago this past weekend I myself was an Elon graduate. Being there this past weekend for the 2010 graduation really drills into my head that I am in the real world and I have to start trying to figure out at least some sort of path direction for my life to try taking. I have yet to find a new job, a new city, a new adventure to try out while I am still young. I was sitting in Starbucks this morning with my friend Hannah who just graduated Saturday and we started to make a plan of places we could live based on climate and personal preferences. Hannah and I originally were planning on taking a European vacation in the fall and have tacked on being roommates in the near future to this budding adventure. She is an amazing person with an open mind to completely new and creative things.
Our top 5 city choices of the moment:
1. Boston Mass.
2. Denver Col.
3. Seattle, Washington
4. Anchorage Alaska
5. Providence, RI

We literally sat for over an hour going through Wikipedia on all of these cities and decided that they all had the climate's we would be most willing to live happily in. So with that said, I am going to start a job search in each of these places and see what I can come up with! If any of you readers have connections or advice on any of these places, please fill me in!!! All of you should know by now that my love for a Boston accent or a burly Alaskan man will completely swing my biasness towards those two towns, so please feel free to sway me other ways.

By the way, the picture above is of me holding my Oak tree sapling that was already dying by the time I was leaving graduation. A little tid bit about Elon is that when you come to Elon as a Freshman, during commencement you receive an acorn (Elon means "Oak" in Hebrew). Over the next four years as you grow as a student, the university presents you with an Oak tree sapling upon graduating to symbolize your start into a new chapter, and wherever you go, you are supposed to plant your oak tree so that there are reminders of Elon all over the world! It was one of those little traditions about Elon that made everything feel perfect about the four years that I spent there.


"I hope you had the time of your life..."
-Good Riddance by Green Day


Ezra said...


i think i'd vote against anchorage, but going without sunlight for long periods of time makes me nutty. something to keep in mind. you might try any of those other northern cities to see how you fair in their winters before you go for the mammoth one. my parents did love living there, but it was a specific period of time (3 years).

oh & don't worry about not having direction. i'm just now finding mine (and i graduated 3 years ago). it's sounds really cheesy, but sometimes wherever you're supposed to be and whatever you're supposed to do, it can just sort of fall into place when it's the right thing. don't get me wrong, hard work is important and having some ideas, but if it feels right, trust your gut :)

and sometimes, the craziest decisions are the best.

miss you tons - bevin.

jenn said...

bevin i love you and miss you beyond belief! please let me know when i can come see you in June!

what are you starting to do and get the feel of in life?