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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

martians in the closet...

I know that I have told this story to a bunch of people recently, but I thought I would share with the rest of the blog world the crazy stories I hear working in a Physical Therapy clinic. This next story taking the cake.

So a few weeks ago one of our younger patients, she was 27, came in for her appointment at 5:00 and started off her usual self. She doesnt show many emotions and is kind of snotty at times, but I have learned what she likes and does not like so it is easier to talk to her. I go ahead and set her up with heat for the first 15 minutes and do some other things around the office. When she was done I ran her through the exercises and then waited for the therapist to come work on her. She started to tell us a story of one of her co-workers...

-The other day at work this lady Linda got a phone call from her adult son. (He's mentally handicapped which is why he lives at home.) He told her, "Mom, there is a martian in my closet and I am feeding him skittles." Now Linda gets calls from her son at work randomly sometimes, and with his handicap she didn't think much of it. However, this day she continued to get calls from him saying the same thing. "There is a martian in my closet and I am feeding him skittles." Our boss went up to her and told her to go home and check on him to make sure everything was ok. Linda said she got home and went around the house to check and make sure everything was ok. When she got to her sons room she looked in the closet and there was a little person in the closet. Come to find out the little person was a census worker who happened to be in the neighborhood going from door to door. The son had somehow gotten them into the house and into the closet.

At this point we were all astounded and quite frankly did not believe the story. Our patient swore that the story was real and we all started cracking up. From there we had sooo many questions we needed answers to and didnt get them. Like:
- How did the little person actually get in the closet?
- Were they willingly taking the skittles and eating them as the day passed?
- Did they not have a cell phone to call for help?
- Did they decide they wanted excitement in their life for the day?


Anyways, we sent our patient back to work to get all of the detailed information, and come to find out she was feeling better and didnt need physical therapy anymore. So the world and I might never know the answer to these questions.


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Keough said...

That story is AMAZING. Thank you for making my night.

jenn said...

Any time! And I am sorry about the Irish might mix up! YOU make the best Pie!!!