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Saturday, June 19, 2010

summer style...

As of late, I feel that my fashion selection has become minimalistic in the sense that I ALWAYS wear an American Apparel Deep V-neck shirt, skinny jeans, chunky jewelry and flats. Ask any of my friends and this is what you will see me in 95% of the time. I spice it up now and then, but generally this is all my wardrobe consists of.

I was recently browsing this site my friend Mark turned me onto called Lookbook! I have fallen in love all over with fashion and below are some of the following inspirations for what I am going to strive for my summer look to be. Along with my ever growing love of native american colors, fringe and garb, hopefully some of the following pieces will make it into my collection.

I will begin at the top. I can not express how much I would DIE to have my hair look like this! I have been growing it out for years and will continue to grow it until it gets to this length and then I will get it this color. Everything about this shouts beauty and to have the texture and waves in my hair that this girl has is wonderful!

Middle section. The light colors, matched with the hippie chic look of this girl makes for an airy, boho look that screams summer! Coupled with my love of chunky jewelry, and a lot of it, I will be on the lookout for flowey oversized shirt dresses and t's. Also notice the long hair again with headband look! WANT WANT WANT

Finish. Gladiator Wedges. Enough said!!! I think that these shoes could polish off any look! Jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses, these shoes are made to be worn all the time, and I must find a pair for me! The ones pictured above are perfect! Plus, this skirt and purse are too freaking cute! Jeffery Campbell come into my life with your entire collection of shoes! Thank you!

So, over the course of the summer, hopefully I will be able to say that some, or all, of these pieces have made it into my growing collection of fabric and looks! What is your inspiration for summer fashion?


"We were the kings and queens of promise. We were the victims of ourselves. Maybe the children of a lesser god. Between heaven and hell."
-'Kings and Queens' by 30 Seconds to Mars


Darth Rachel said...

i like weardrobe better! check out chictopia as well and wardrobe remix on flickr

Ezra said...

i like the skirt on the last look (i mean, i can totally see you in all of them, but i'm sort of craving minis right now with heels). we will be shopping when you come visit. i need a shopping buddy here so badly!

jenn said...

Rachel- I love Chictopia, I have an account but have not logged on since signing up... hmm maybe a new resolution is in place. I will check out the others ASAP!

Ezra- I am soooo excited to come visit and be a shopping buddy none the less! I totally agree on the mini/heel combo as of late too! ugh so many cute things to wear!

Ezra said...

jenn-jenn. go look at the cover of glamour with jessica biel. that metallic silver mini skirt is on my want list.