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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the big 5...

Yes, indeed it has been 5 weeks since my last random post. But after reading Justin's blog, I have been reminded how much I suck at updating, and how awesome he is at doing it, and decided to come back to this little page and scribble some diddy's down. I am also uber jealous that he did his video post without me :( Maybe with this update I can get back on his good side in the blogosphere and redeem myself!

Quick recap's: September was my birthday month! I had one of the best days to date all thanks to wonderful friends family and co-workers! My job decked out the whole office in starbucks regalia with my face on it! Too funny! I got these awesome mint green headphones and some fashion and craft books from my mom and money for my London trip in Feb from my dad!

Yes you heard me right...

My friend Katie and I bought our tickets for February and will be visiting that lovely town for a week! So if anyone has suggestions of places to go, things to do, must sees, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! We are planning an entire London underground music day as well! Stoked beyond belief!

Also, I got to see some awesome shows last month. One being the Kings of Leon and Black Keys show in VA Beach! It was a crazy fun night with memories to last forever! OMG was the band amazing too. His voice could not have sounded more perfect!

Next post to come will be of October updates, list of things I must do this fall and the fashion that will follow it!
Thank you for bearing with me through my lack luster weeks! I promise to make it up to you!


"You said it's such a life to remember, so come on, and we'll sleep away December. It was you, bringing your white company. Oh, bringing the night, so it seemed. And we will never sleep again..."
December by Lydia


Justin said...

Jenn, you're crazy! ANd yes you can be in a video post! ha I just decided to do one for 200 on a whim! See you at MIA tomorrow night

Ezra said...

Please visit the Tate Modern when you go to London so I can vicariously live through you and all that wonderful contemporary art.

And make sure you pack warm clothes. February is a bit nippy in England. And probably raining. If you can see over the loch, it's going to rain. If you can't see over the loch, it's already raining :)