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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ohio Surprise...

Mr. Soot was driven to the Richmond airport on Tuesday July 8th. While waiting in the airport for his flight to board, he encounters strange people who like to take the seats next to him when every other seat in the concourse is open. Fun times. People need to learn airport etiquette. Anyways, he boarded the plane and flew to his layover in Detroit. Had 15 minutes before his next flight boarded so, he ran to the next terminal only to discover that his connecting flight was delayed. This was not good. After taking off from Detroit and heading towards Columbus, Mr. Soot became more and more nervous to meet his potential boss Mr. Ludlam. After landing and getting off the plane, Mr. Soot met Mr. Ludlam right past the security checkpoint and walked around the corner to Max and Erma's. SURPRISE!!! Mr. Soot is actually me and I was surprising my best friend  Kim for her 21st birthday.

After the initial reaction and shock that I was actually in Columbus Ohio, Kim and I drove away from the airport and started our Columbus adventure. While in Columbus I got to see her ginormous house, that had 3 floors of amazingness. Holy COW!!! The following is a list of things we accomplished while I was in Ohio.

1. Birthday fun celebrations completed with manicures and pedicures for the b-day girl, followed by some amazing lunch and fabulous dinner with the ladies. 
2. Visited a cement corn field.
3. Best salad ever consumed at Abuelos in Easton. MMMMMMMmmmmm
4. Met hope
5. Fun times at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Overall I did not want to leave Columbus and my visit was all too short :(

So I am currently back in Richmond trying to find things to occupy my time.


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