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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ride home...

Today I officially left Elon for the summer. I know, I know a little later than planned but I had things to do. Anyhoos, I am going to get straight to the point of this post. My car is a piece of poop!

1. My front headlight has been out for about a good 2-3 weeks or so now. I have taken it to a mechanic numerous times and have found that it is not a bulb but an electrical problem that needs to stay in the shop for more than just a day. But, with the amount of days that I have taken it to the mechanic to have it looked at it should have been fixed by now. Oh! and also, dude mechanic at Elon was way over pricing me for his services. I say eff that shit and I will not be going back to him anytime soon!

2. With about 45 minutes left in my drive, my air conditioning decides its going to completely shit out on me. I would not have as much of a problem with this if it was freaking 96 degrees out. (Side note: I was totally hoping it would have hit 98 degrees so I could have busted out some old school boy bands lyrics on you, but I shall refrain.) Sweating my butt off for the last leg of the trip made me not a happy camper!!! This would also have not been a huge deal to me if I had not experienced this problem last summer, and this same problem apparently being fixed. Come on really now? 

3. As soon as I figured out my AC was going, guess what also decides to be a little bitch and not work. Oh that would be my Verizon phone service. Now, I am not going to complain too much because I have not experienced many issues with Verizon before. BUT, when my phone is telling me I have full service and none of my calls are connecting in a very urgent time, I was a little peeved. So after this a lot of screaming and choice words followed.

So I eventually got home, unpacked my car in the blazing heat, called MY mechanic and will hopefully have everything worked out by next week. Can I please just find a car that will be good to me, please?

Thanks, that is all. Thought I would share. Hope you have a lovely evening!


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